Singapore Scavenger Hunts to Achieve Your Team Goals

Singapore Scavenger Hunts Team Building

Singapore Scavenger Hunts to achieve your team goals. Your Singapore Scavenger Hunts take you to some fantastic touristic locations including Marina Bay, Chinatown, Orchard Road, and of course a shopping centre! As it’s easy to walk around Singapore, what better way to explore the sights, sounds and smells!

Your teams travel to designated locations around Singapore in the hope of collecting items from a given list. These may include pictures, general knowledge, puzzles, rhymes and word searches.

Singapore Scavenger Hunts

This event starts by dividing your group into smaller teams and providing you with your locations and scavenger hunt cards. Followed by a brief, (including health and safety), your teams participate in a fun warm up before sending you on your way.

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Scavenger Hunts enable your teams to work together by solving tasks in a tangible way. We believe the best way to develop teamwork is through social interaction and fun. It couldn’t get better than moving from place to place around amazing Singapore.

There is a prize given to each winning team member although it may not be the first team back wins! Points are given to the team that has managed to collect the most within the given time frame. The goal is to be the first to complete the list or to complete the most items on the list

Designated locations are dependent on your budget so we may be able to customise your Singapore Scavenger Hunts. Perhaps for something a little less energetic, take a look at our other fun team building events! Why not contact us today with your group size, location, budget and of course dates. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

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