Painting Art Team Building Activities Singapore

Painting Art Team Building in Singapore

Painting Art Team Building Activities in Singapore, Thailand or anywhere throughout Asia. We do not require you to be Michelangelo, Renoir or Van Gogh but simply to enjoy this creative event. Recover, discover or uncover your team’s artistic creativity! Our team building art event is an expressive, creative visual event taking participants to idyllic locations from city life (Marina Bay, Singapore) to tropical beaches (Thailand)!

Painting Art Team Building Activities Singapore

Teams will be able to share their experiences reflecting on ideas through creative expression. Besides having fun, the objective of our art team building event is to inject curiosity into your minds and instill confidence in your drawing and painting skills.

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Your group can explore different materials freely, allowing your imagination to flow freely. It also helps to develop your cognitive skills, encouraging your teams to problem solve and come up with their own ideas.

Painting Art Team Building Activities Singapore – Exhibition

Create Individual or Collaborative Masterpieces. As a result, the last part of this team building art event consists of exhibiting your paintings as an art gallery where team members can enjoy a refreshing drink and discuss their creative masterpieces and experiences. All guidance, art materials (watercolours, oils, brushes, canvas, easels etc), and planning is detailed in our team building packages.

This event may require several individual pieces or a collaborative workshop of one large single masterpiece. Every effort is made to identify workshop locations that feature unique cultural, historical and landscape characteristics.

Therefore, you will be amazed at the quality of the artwork you can create. This is one event you can physically take away with you at the end of the day.

Our team building art events are easy to deliver and required no team building knowledge or skills. You could go to another organiser but most of them come at a very high price. Furthermore, they may not meet your needs or expectations! With offices in Singapore and Thailand, we are able to deliver fun team building events anywhere in Asia! Contact us today!

For our fun painting event in Thailand please visit – Art Attack

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