Outdoor and Indoor Team Building Events Mission

Our mission at Excel Solutions Asia PTE Ltd is to simplify the team building process in Singapore and throughout Asia by providing the most reliable event packages complimented with dependable support.

With this in mind, we want to give our customers the best tools and resources possible to deliver and manage a fun team building event.

We take our team building, Singapore events seriously and we’ll do everything we can to create an outdoor and Indoor Team Building events package that will enable you to have an exciting and high value team building event for your organization.

The higher we set our goals and standards, the better we serve the people we care about most – YOU!

Our Core Goals

  • Commit to innovation and excellence
  • Provide unbeatable team building experiences
  • Add safety guidelines to each event we deliver
  • Meet the changing needs in the events industry
  • Pursue new creative and innovative team building events
  • Impact lives within and outside our organization.

Event Packages

Most events include a photographer, prizes, transportation (events only) and experienced facilitators.

Value over Cost

Even with our low costs we provide you with tremendous value, enabling you get more for your budget.

Event Safety

We are safety conscious and ensure our safety guidelines are met to each and every package we deliver.

Event Innovation

We don’t ask you to close your eyes, fall backwards or pass balloons! We always deliver innovative themes.

Group Sizes

We can tailor our event themes for groups of any size. This can range from as little as 8 to well over 500+

Our Experience

With over 15 years experience in the events industry across Asia, we understand what you want.

Planning your Corporate Events

Every detail counts when planning your corporate event and the overall presentation reflects the image of your organisation. We have the experience necessary and guarantee professional support by our team to deliver unsurpassed quality in every aspect.

We create corporate event programmes to motivate, and build teams, thus creating a sustainable change in the workplace. All our events are fun, creative, innovative, and at all times professional.

Our valued Clients

We believe that we provide some of the best team building experiences in the industry. Instead of us just telling you, we hope to prove it with real ratings from real customers. Why not take a look at our valued client testimonials.