Movie Making Activities Singapore Team Building

Movie Making Activities Singapore

Movie Making Activities, Singapore enables your team to create an advertisement, musical, documentary or just about anything else that comes to mind. These fun team building events can be delivered in Singapore, Thailand or wherever you choose!

What better way is there to enhance your team’s creativity than a movie making team building event which requires participation through effective planning and communication. Whatever your aims will be, you can be sure that your group will be in for an entertaining and rewarding day with our team building movie making package.

Movie Making Activities Singapore

Once your group has been divided into teams all of your participants will have to work together to write, direct, act, produce and edit your movie. The duration of this event could be from a few hours to a few days!

Movie Making Activities Planning

During the planning phase, each team create their story adding the scenes and dialogue. Once completed, the fun really begins as you start the shooting. Teams use the props provided or allocated a budget to buy or create their own props such as wigs, masks, hats and the odd gun or two!

This event could take place anywhere Worldwide or wherever you have chosen for your corporate meeting. The movie shoot could take place at your chosen hotel, local area of famous landmarks. This gives your group a fantastic opportunity to tour your host city while participating in the team building movie making event!

The last part of this movie making team building event is the editing. Simply place your best clips together and add music, sound effects, voice dubbing or remove the sound altogether for a classic silent movie.

Oscar Night

Laugh, cry, applaud and cheer while watching your films, complete with music & effects on the silver screen. As the curtains close end the event with a movie premier including Academy Award nominations for best actor, best actress, best movie etc.

We give all the instructions necessary enabling you to easily deliver this event from movie making tips, acting and editing. If you can’t find your place contact us today we will tailor one for you.

As Excel Solutions Asia’s founder, Andy T. Laird does more than business management and administration. With more than 20 years experience creating and developing events, he's obsessed with innovating new ways to create amazing event themes, that are absurdly fun, and teamwork effective.


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