Event Frequently Asked Questions

Event frequently asked questions. We deliver professional team building event services in Singapore and throughout Asia. Check out our frequently asked questions below and if you can’t find it listed contact us today. One of our consultants would be happy to help you.

How many hours do you recommend for an event?

This is dependent on which event you choose! For an Amazing Race we’d recommend 4-5 hours but for our Directors Cut movie making this could easily be delivered throughout the whole day.

How much does each event cost?

Events prices are based on the size of your whole group, team size, event theme, date of event and of course location. E.g. For a team of 8 persons on an Amazing Race we would book a boat which would cost SGD 50  If you decide on having 2 x teams of 4 then we would need 2 boats hence the price would increase/double!

What's included in your team building event prices?

Prices quoted always include transportation during the event (if required), facilitators, a photographer, crystal trophy or small prize for each winning team member (depending on event theme), handouts, and all associated equipment for the event.

The prices quoted do not include any food and beverage, meeting rooms, sound system, screen and projector (required for some events e.g. Directors Cut)

Do you also book hotel accommodation?

We do not book hotel accommodation as we are not a licensed travel agent but we are able to recommend those we have worked with and like, and a few we don’t!

If you have booked a hotel we do not know, we usually conduct a site inspection to ensure it is suitable for the event chosen.

How many people should we have in each team?

We usually recommend and base our prices on 8-10 persons per team. For very large groups e.g. 300+ we would recommend 15-20 per team. However, this is also dependent on the chosen event theme.

What event theme do you recommend for our group?

That all depends on the purpose of your meeting, your goals, budget and location. Our most popular events are our Charity Bicycle Build, Movie Making and of course our Amazing Races which can be delivered at almost anywhere in Asia!

Can your consultants speak English?

Absolutely! Most of our consultants speak English perfectly well as most even graduated in English! Not forgetting some of our consultants are from the UK!

How do we book a team building event with you?

Only a deposit secures a team building event booking. This is usually paid 30 days in advance of the event date enabling us to reserve your date, and start the necessary preparations, bookings etc.

How do we pay for a team building event?

Events may be paid for by TT (telegraphic transfer), cash or cheque. TT ‘s must be paid as per our terms and conditions and show in our bank account 5 days pre event date.

How much VAT do you place on an event?

Payments made into our Singapore corporate have no added vat!

Are any of your team building events dangerous?

We do not put our participants in unsafe conditions and take safety seriously. Example: Our Amazing Races use the safest forms of transportation and we recommend against the use of motorcycles, tuk tuk’s etc unless wanted by clients! We may still decline the event!

What kinds or transportation do you use?

We prefer to use modern train systems e.g. Singapore Underground, taxi boats and sometimes just walking. Transportation is usually dependent on your chosen locations and we are known to provide the odd air conditioned mini bus now and then!

Can we have an event for older people?

Most of our event do not require any running and we usually advise against it for safety reasons. We would however, recommend our art, movie making, bicycle build etc. as they involve very little physical energy!

How much do you charge for a Photographer?

Almost all our events include a complimentary photographer. Some of our consultants are even pro photographers!

Can you give me full details of your events before booking?

We provide enough information to enable you to make an informal decision. Following confirmation we would be happy to work with you and provide you with a more detailed agenda. This is to make it more difficult for our competitors to copy our creative works.

Can I use your images and text to promote your events?

Unfortunately we do not permit anyone to use, or copy paste our creative works. Should you wish to promote any of our events please refer your clients to our website or YouTube channel. Even better, contact us for a PDF brochure and put us directly in touch with your client.

Is it cheaper to book one of your events through a hotel or travel agent?

In most cases it’s not. They may provide a corporate package which could include conference rooms, food and beverage etc. but we mostly recommend you contact us directly. We found quite a few hotels wanted to mark up on our prices and one hotel as much as 70%

Are the events your own or do you outsource to a third party?

We deliver our own events with our own team of consultants.

Can I book more than one team building event?

Of course you can! We have in the past delivered up to 3  events to the same clients over a 2-3 day period. Did we forget to mention we also reduce the rates for the second and third event.

What happens when it starts to rain?

You may get wet! Most events including our amazing races have shelter nearby and we can supply rain coats. We have never cancelled an event through rain but if it is serious we could change to an alternate event.

Can we have our logos on your event materials?

Yes we can although this may increase the cost slightly. In fact our Corporate City Challenge has you logo and  the whole event is tailored around your products and services.




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