Corporate Social Responsibility Team Building Events

Corporate Social Responsibility Team Building

Corporate Social Responsibility Team Building events Singapore. These events are delivered to enhance social awareness and create shared value for business within society. We highly recommend you choose a CSR event that promotes positive social and environmental change. Strive to connect your company with a selection of our fun CSR events listed below to the local Singapore community.

Corporate Social Responsibility Team Building Events

The Missing Link Bike Build CSR

Our bicycle build provide you with a fun and challenging workshop to assemble bicycles, for children! All team members’ efforts will result in beautiful bicycles donated to local orphanages. Every bicycle is checked for safety. You are guaranteed fun, developing teamwork skills, and big smiles from all the children! This event also includes some fun shopping or in-house quiz for children which is also donated at the end of the event.

Movie Making CSR for Children

Your teams are given a fun opportunity creating stories around children’s ethics. Samples include eating veggies, washing your hands or doing their homework! Loads of fun props and iPads will be provided. This enables you to shoot and edit your very own movie including acting and shooting tips and tricks. The educational movies could be given to a local children’s foundation! Oscars are awarded for the best actor, actress, producer, and director.

Toy Town Team Building CSR

Do you remember that cardboard castle you played when you were a child! We have brought back those magical moments, by giving you the opportunity to build an amazing toy town for underprivileged children in your local Singapore community. It takes a lot to create and design a restaurant, hotel, school, or even an amusement park! Children can help or simply play and have a good time with your teams.

Clothing, Fashion and Design CSR

Adapt your unique fashion event for underprivileged children to receive a stunning selection of clothes created by your teams! Before starting a workshop your teams will go shopping for fabric, garments, children’s accessories, or anything else you plan to put together for your little models! Finally, at the end of the event, your teams and the children will stage a catwalk show. This ends with a donation to the local orphanage.

Art Attack CSR

It’s a little messy, but one of our most relaxing events! Let’s get your hand full of colours and the conference room full of children! Small pieces of canvas will make a large stunning picture. By placing them together, it creates a bigger picture. Children will be invited to join and receive educational and art supplies back as their donated gifts.

As Excel Solutions Asia’s founder, Andy T. Laird does more than business management and administration. With more than 20 years experience creating and developing events, he's obsessed with innovating new ways to create amazing event themes, that are absurdly fun, and teamwork effective.


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