Build a Bike Team Building CSR Challenge

Set your team a rewarding and challenging Team Building Package by helping underprivileged children.

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Build a Bike Team Building Singapore CSR Challenge. Set your team a rewarding and challenging Team Building Package that creates a feel-good team spirit, by helping underprivileged children. Charity starts with a solid team working together to solve problems, communicate, and display hands-on bike building teamwork. An engaging, fun and CSR-friendly event.

Every child wants a bicycle and the Build a Bike Charity Challenge is not just about theory but practical solutions and tangible results. At the end of the event, each team will take home the worthwhile feeling of having given a child-in-need a brand new bicycle that they were built through our unique workshop. I’m sure you can all remember your very first bike!

Build a Bike Team Building Singapore

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From puzzles to following clues, shopping tasks and even artwork, not to mention bicycle relay races. Our child-related challenges are unique and specifically aimed at enhancing team building skills. Therefore, teams are rewarded with points, to be exchanged for children’s gifts.

Once you have purchased or won the children’s items, the action then moves to a workshop. Equipped with a toolkit, a timer, the challenge is to assemble a child’s bike. This has to pass a safety check at the end. No pressure!

Build a Bike Team Building Singapore Donation

After an exhilarating team building event, the real reward is kept secret until the very end. Donating to a child. For each team member, seeing a child’s face light up through positive teamwork is the ultimate proof of what working together can achieve.

Contact us today with your group size, location and date.  Following this, we will get back to you with a quotation within 24 hours. For a bike build in Thailand please visit Excel Solutions Asia, Missing Link Bike Build!

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  1. This was one of our first events many years ago and it’s still popular today! We can easily build this into many of our other Singapore events which includes a donation of children’s items such as crayons, books, school bags etc. Perhaps you’ve had a build a bike event before but not quite like this one! It’s a little more teamwork focused with a twist! 😉


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