Build a Bag CSR Singapore Helping Others

Through a range of fun challenges and tasks your teams will go to the local stores, purchase a bag and then fill it.

Build a Bag CSR Singapore Events

Build a Bag CSR Singapore is a fun, corporate social responsibility event. Whether it’s for under-privileged children, or the elderly your teams will be required to build and donate bags. These could be school bags, handbags or even back-packs.

Through a range of fun challenges and tasks your teams will go to the local stores, purchase a bag and then fill it. Did we forget to mention we also provide you with a budget. The local shopping malls and vendors can offer everything you need and it’s also a great excuse to get away from the meeting room! After all, everyone loves to go shopping but this time it’s for a worthwhile cause.

The Goals and benefits of Build a Bag

  • Improves the lives of others.
  • Giving teaches responsibility.
  • Meet new people and build relationships.
  • Helping others is empowering and makes you feel good.
  • Giving to the under-privileged encourages others to do the same.
  • Make a difference to someone’s life and knowing what you did was worthwhile.

No matter how much or how little you give, your teams have the power to touch the lives of other people. You can also affect them in ways you may never be completely aware of.

Build a Bag CSR Singapore Donations

The bag donations could be a charity organisation of your choice or we could do this for you on your behalf. We are sometimes able to have children present, including a representatives to personally thank you for your wonderful donation. Perhaps you’d like to personally visit a school, orphanage, retirement home or even donate on the streets! Whatever you choose we will work with you and tailor the event to make it happen.

Build a Bag CSR Singapore Events teams packingThe prices quoted for Build a Bag would include the following. Budget for shopping, prize for each winning team member, photographer, facilitators, MC, and all associated materials. An additional cost of a meeting room would be required at your chosen venue.

Why not contact us today for your Build a Bag Singapore CSR Event! This fun charity event can be delivered anywhere in Singapore from small to very large groups. Don’t forget to tell us your group size, dates and event location.

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