Amazing Race Marina Bay, Singapore Team Building.

Marina Bay, Singapore is an ideal location for one of your fun amazing race team building events.

Amazing Race Marina Bay Singapore

Amazing Race Marina Bay, Singapore Team Building. Stopping at numerous checkpoints, teams compete with each other to achieve fun challenges. Although this is a timed event it is not the first team to cross the finishing line that wins. Points are rewarded at each challenge location which is based on your teamwork and achievement!

Marina Bay, Singapore is an ideal location for one of your fun amazing race team building events. Marina Bay, Singapore boasts an impressive skyline of architecture, shopping centres and more. What better way is there to see this than through a fun team building event.

Amazing Race Marina Bay Activity Locations

Of course, our fun activities will include visiting the famous Merlion (a mythical creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish), Supertrees and numerous statues dotted around the bay. Did we forget to mention a little luxury shopping perhaps!

The day will start with a fun ice-breaker and short briefing. After all, we’re sure you’d rather spend your time outdoors. A map and clues will be provided to help you find locations around Marina Bay. When your team arrives at each location our consultant will give you a fun challenge. The tempo is dependent on your team’s abilities and you do not need to be too physically fit to walk around Marina Bay, Singapore.

Fun challenges may include: busking, picture clue hunts, art and of course some fun shopping.

The average length of this fun team building Singapore event is around 3-4 hours.

Your team members will promote strategic thinking, establish a bond and develop team building skills. Therefore, we believe teamwork is developed through interactive fun and friendly competition. We leave the lectures to someone else!

Kindly note, the price quoted may be adjusted dependent on team size, group size, dates, photographer and prizes.

Why not contact us today, providing us with your group size, date and location.

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